NexusPRO Software

The NexusPRO software suite is second to none in the industry. Virtually every aspect of the game play is adjustable in an intuitive user interface. We designed the software with the operator in mind. There are no confusing software configurations or tedious processes to change game formats. NexusPRO is designed to maximize your revenue on the laser tag attraction.

Numerous Game Formats

NexusPRO offers game formats for every possible instance. From corporate team building events to a lock-in, with NexusPRO you can provide a unique game experience unlike any other. These games can be customized to create an experience that people will never forget!

Game Formats

Game Parameter Adjustment

Not only do you receive a multitude of game options, you also have the option to mix these games up by adjusting the game parameters. No longer are you limited by the standard game formats; you can create your own unique games that cater to your specific audience.

Game Parameters

Adjust the Features for each Game

If changing just the parameters of a game is not enough, NexusPRO allows you an advanced game features option. You can activate special features, allow dynamic handicapping, and modify DMX settings. New to NexusPRO: You can now change the vesting rack colors from the software! With the simple change of a setting, the colors of your vesting racks can be changed for special events.

Game Features

Dynamic Handicapping

Other companies offer Handicapping, but it is based on a person becoming a member and tracking their status. With NexusPRO, we offer a dynamic handicapping system that will fluctuate throughout the game to level the playing field between players. This will create a positive game experience for all involved: the experience players have a more challenging game, while the novice players enjoy a more fast paced game.

Dynamic Handicapping

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