Nexus PlayerNexus Generation equipment represented the first generational leap forward in laser tag equipment since the late 90's.

The NexusFEC product was updated in 2012 with the introduciton of Version 2! and later, the same look and advancement in technology would be transferred to the Helios Laser Tag System.

Nexus was ideally suited to a wide range of entertainment centers as a bolt on attraction or as the main draw for a stand alone laser tag center.

The sections to the left illustrate the various features contained in the FEC product.  This section will be updated as new features are introduced into the product line.

Vest Features

NexusFEC's equipment features include 8 color, bright, LED's that make each player and team stand out from each other. No more dimly lit packs and players that are hard to see. With NexusFEC, that's all taken care of.

NexusFEC's design is meant to be both durable and lightweight, making it the perfect set of equipment for both younger players, teenagers, and adults. To learn more about our pack designs and features, click here!

Phaser Features

fecphaserThe Nexus FEC Phaser is one of the most sophisticated, yet easy to use, phasers in the industry. Nexus FEC Phasers are designed with both functionality and player safety in mind. Our design lowers the chances for serious injury and helps players know when they've been tagged, when the safety sensor isn't being utilized, the number of seconds the player is deactivated, and more. Our phasers are also sompletely see-through and light up brightly to add more vibrance and color to each player. Click here to find out more about our phasers.

Game Formats

Nexus FEC software comes with the most popular games that make you the most money. Nexus FEC operators also have the option of upgrading with the Game Expansion Kit to offer even more premade game formats. 

Lithium Polymer Batteries

fecbatteryIf your packs don't stay charged, you don't make any money! We've done our homework and found the best batteries on the market for your business. These batteries can hold a charge for up to 24 hours and only take 8 hours to charge completely. Operators have been known to use these batteries for about 5 years before needing replacement. Nexus FEC packs tell you batteries are running low and need to be charged. To read more about the batteries we use and their benefits, click here.

Reports and Software

reportsWith Nexus FEC, we've got you covered when it comes to auditing, cash intake, pack maintenance, game reports, score editing, and even mailing labels. Our software lets you keep track of your laser tag attraction for filing, marketing, and pack issues so that you konw what's going on in your facility at all times. To read more about our versatile software, click here.

For more information, call us at 866-966-3797 or visit our Contact Page. We're here to help.

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